Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Adsense May Fail You

This isn't really so much one of my usual articles as much as it is a quote from someone else's article. I've noticed a lot of people are using Adsense and complaining that they drop them right before payday. While I do agree this is shady, the article I'm going to post presents some very significant points about using it.

  • For well-defined small websites that have good keyword density, AdSense will advertise your competition rather than support for your product.
  • Changing your website layout can get your account deleted and forfeit your earnings without warning.
  • A website needs to have an established customer/visitor base before incorporating AdSense.
  • AdSense alone does not make Google enough money. Investment in AdWords motivates Google (meaning their web spider and META crawler) to work a little harder for AdSense.

Also keep in mind that the majority of the blogs who've been successfully paid have been by dedicated freelancers, businesses advertising specific products, and so on which have dedicated traffic flow. Most of the rip-off stories (which I don't doubt are legit!) have been, as far as I've seen, from personal blogs filled with ranting or LOL FUNNY STUFF spam.

Anyway, read, read, read:



  1. I read what you linked, good story. Thanks for copypasting this for us to read :)

  2. makes me think i jumped on the adsense thing a bit too early. :< I plan to keep my blog mostly food/exercise related though so I hope they dont dump me.