Monday, January 10, 2011

I QUIT.... Sort of

I'm not a big fan of Google AdSense, and in all seriousness I want to bail before they find an excuse to ban me. They can really do it for whatever damn reason they want.

I'm using a Wordpress blog, now. There you'll find not only articles but some personal tidbits. It's my "official" site. I'm quite fond of the design.

And to be honest, I was never blogging for money. Only exposure.

The nice part? You can subscribe to my blog, meaning it'll send you emails with links instead of forcing you to log in to Blogger every morning or scroll through your list of bookmarks. Convenient, ne?

You can also follow me on Twitter or join my fan page on Facebook, which has more stuff about me.

Ed's Official Site/Blog
Ed's Twitter
Ed's Facebook Page

Sayonara, Blogger.

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