Friday, March 12, 2010

A "Beautiful Friendship"- How We Judge Others with Beauty Stereotypes

My article on "beauty stereotypes" is live on AC, people. The following is the link to the content, the latter in an excerpt from it. Hope you enjoy it.

Take Your Pick

You're the owner of a large business. Lately you've decided that the paperwork is just too much for you to handle, and your company makes enough money to hire another secretary or two. Being the intelligent gentleman (or lady) you are, you decide to put up an ad in the Classifieds and wait.

The next week you receive two applicants! Their resumes look very promising, and they live close by. You put all the other applicants in your "Wait Till Later" drawer and ring them up. Over the next few days you establish an interview with each on the same day.

Let's call one woman, the first to walk in, "Sandy." The latter, which will take her turn soon after, will be "Mary."

Sandy walks in, first, and you can't help but look her over up and down. She's tall, with smooth skin and long legs. Nice, natural blond hair that catches your eye right away. She has a smooth, soft voice like honey. She isn't as qualified as you first thought, but her resume seems good enough. She's got a good shot at this job.

Mary walks in, and you feel a wave of disappointment wash over you. Mary is a smaller, stubbier girl with dark wiry hair and a face littered with freckles. Her voice is high and nasal. You have a long, thorough discussion on the parts that make up your business.

With that both of the ladies depart, and you find yourself with your feet propped on top of your desk with a tough decision to make. Which will you choose? Their qualifications are very much the same, so....

No surprise, most employers would go with the blond.

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